About Us

Who Are We

Whale Beach Surf Life Saving Club is home to a small but dedicated team of surf life savers on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, who patrol every weekend and public holidays from September through April.

Our tight-knit community is united through a common love and respect for the ocean. We pride ourselves on excellence in surf safety and education. The diversity of our community is its strength, with our lifesavers, associate members, and wider community working together to keep the beach safe for all.

Everybody is welcome at Whale Beach, a place where you can connect, train hard, and belong.


Whale Beach surf club was founded in 1937 at a time when campers and weekenders dominated beach users. The Club is housed in a superb, multi-storied clubhouse that, unusually for a surf club, is owned by the members rather than the local council.

All active and associate members have full access to our first class facilities, including sleeping accommodation, full bathroom and kitchen amenities, as well as a gym and board and ski storage. The Club has around 200 active and reserve active members and some 130 supporting associate family members.

Whale Beach has a place for everyone and welcomes the unique skills and personalities each individual brings to our club. We’ll see you on the beach!


Whale Beach is situated on the northern peninsula of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is 600m long, east facing and bordered by Little and Careel heads and backed by slopes covered in houses. The beach is accessed via winding Whale Beach Road and a steep descent to the beachfront reserve, which includes a large car park, southern picnic area and rock pool on the southern rock platform.

The beach receives waves averaging 1.6m resulting in an energetic surf zone, dominated by a single bar, which is always cut by three to four rips, including permanent rips against either headland. The north end, known as "The Wedge", is a favourite surfing spot breaking over a rock reef providing a good take off and short but solid left. The north and south rock platforms are easily accessible and along with two to three gutters found along the beach, make it a very popular fishing location.

2022/23 Management Committee

Meet the team responsible for managing our club, learn about their roles and reach out to them if you have any questions or suggestions.

Position Name
President Kieran Gallagher
Treasurer Andrew Darley
Secretary Anthony Leonard
Immediate Past President Andrew Pearce
Club Captain Jack Lamrock
Vice President Charlie Kellaway
Ocean Swim Director Annette Baggie
Chief Instructor Sophie Wines
Competition Secretary David Stenning
Marketing Officer Stephanie Darley
Property Officer Brian Lamrock
Junior Activities Captain Phil Schmidt
Social Secretary Melinda Love
Membership Officer Laura Mears
Gear Officer Peter Myers

Other Club Officers

Position Name
Vice Captains Dylan Rees-Ewen and Richard Leonard
Handicapper Graeme Stewart
IRB & Power Equipment Captain Adam Treharne
Boat Captain Brett Babicci
Board and Ski Captain Sydney Robertson
Radio Officer Reuben Hackett
First Aid Officer Jeanine Angilley
OHS Officer Peter Myers
Social Media Officer Will Gibson
Digital Officer Vacant
Communications Officer Carolina Darley
House Captain Jack Lamrock
Sponsorship Officer Sheldon Pozniak
Merchandise Enquiries Darley Family
Member Protection Officer Sam Zagorski
Member Protection Officer Alex Burchett
Member Protection Officer Andrew Pearce

Committees & Sub-committees

Position Name
Executive Committee Kieran Gallagher (chair), Anthony Leonard, Andrew Darley, Jack Lamrock
Life Saving Committee Jack Lamrock (chair), Rich Leonard, Dylan, Sophie, Peter M, Adam T, Rueben Hackett, Sydney Robertson, Jeanine Angilley
Education sub-committee Sophie Wines (chair), Cam Cormio, Ellie Love
Competition Committee Dave Stenning (chair), Jack Lamrock, Sydney Robertson, Brett Babicci, Annette Baggie, Graeme Stewart
Ocean Swim sub-committee Annette Baggie (chair), Michael Riley, Saskia Clarke, Rob Burfitt-Williams, Jack Lamrock
Finance Committee Andrew Darley (chair), Jon Pratten, Em Freeman, Will Gibson
Administration committee Anthony Leonard (chair), Melinda Love, Steph Darley, Andrew Darley, Sarah Warburton
Entertainment sub-committee Melinda Love (chair), Saskia Clarke
Election sub-committee Anthony Leonard (chair), Laura Mears, Andrew Darley, Sarah Warburton
Property committee Brian Lamrock (chair), Jack Lamrock, Peter Myers, Charlie Kellaway
Junior Activity committee Phil Schmidt (chair), Sophie Wines, Saskia Clarke, Sheldon Pozniak, Peter Myers
Governance Committee Andrew Darley (chair), Jon Pratten, Andrew Pearce, Phil Schmidt, Richie Stewart
Life Membership sub-committee Jon Pratten (chair), Andrew Darley, Andrew Pearce, Phil Schmidt, Richie Stewart
Judiciary sub-committee Anthony Leonard (chair), Andrew Darley, Jon Pratten
Constitution sub-committee Andrew Darley (chair), Jon Pratten, Andrew Pearce, Phil Schmidt, Richie Stewart