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Core Training Programs 

At Whale Beach SLSC we offer a range of training programs for members and the general public. If you would like to become a surf lifesaver, there are several awards you can gain to start patrolling:

Bronze Medallion
This is the minimum requirement for a surf lifesaver. To undertake this award you must be over the age of 15 and will be required to complete a prerequisite 400m swim in under 9 minutes. Once this competency is completed, qualified instructors will take you through the challenging but immensely satisfying journey that is the Bronze Medallion course. The categories that will be covered include:

  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Surf Awareness and Skills
  • The Human Body
  • Resuscitation
  • Defibrillation and basic oxygen techniques
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Radio Operations
  • Rescue Techniques
  • Carries & Supports
  • Beach Management

Following the training period, your competency will be tested through a variety of physical and theoretical tests. You’ll be required to do the classic surf lifesaving ‘run-swim-run’ (200m each leg) in under 8 minutes, and a whole range of other activities that may include role-plays, oral and written questioning, practical demonstrations and performing scenarios. It’s a great opportunity for you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and learn to perform under pressure with a group of like-minded people.

For a more detailed description download the Bronze Medallion Syllabus.

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

From the age of 13, anyone can achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and become a Probationary surf lifesaver in preparation for the active patrolling duties that will come with achieving their Bronze Medallion. The award trains candidates in beach signals and surf awareness, basic first aid, CPR, rescue skills, and basic water skills and fitness. This award is great because it allows members to be part of patrols prior to obtaining their bronze medallion.

 Read more about the SRC in the Learning and Assessment Guide.

Senior First Aid (Provide First Aid)

  • Improve your knowledge and skills needed to manage emergency first aid situations and deliver competent emergency care
  • Candidates must be 13 years of age.
  • Certificate will be valid for three years and is nationally recognised WorkCover approved training
  • One day course

Other Awards

Beyond the Bronze Medallion, there are many other opportunities to continue your learning as a Surf Lifesaver. These include:

Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Crew and Driver awards (IRBC and IRBD)

  • To participate, you must be at least 15 years of age on the date of final assessment, and be currently proficient in Bronze Medallion
  • Usually a 6 week course
ARTC (Advanced Resuscitation Techniques)

  • Develop your resuscitation techniques and learn how to prioritise emergencies
  • Candidates must be 15 years of age and have their Bronze Medallion
  • One day course
  • More information in the Course Syllabus
Spinal Management

  • Develop your skills and knowledge to manage injured casualties with suspected spinal injuries in an aquatic environment and in emergency situations
  • Candidates must be 15 years of age and hold their Bronze Medallion or Senior First Aid Certificate
  • One day course
Gold Medallion

  • Attain our highest award and the skills and knowledge to manage emergency situations autonomously
  • Candidates must hold all awards and be 18 years old to be eligible for the Gold Medallion
  • Find out more in the Course Description
  • Read about our Golden Whales!
Training Officer Certificate

  • Gain the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver surf life saving awards and help others become surf lifesavers
  • Candidates must be 16 years of age and hold the award they wish to train
  • Go here to find out more

Book-in for awards by emailing [email protected] or have a chat to your Patrol Captain on the Beach!

For more information see the Lifesaving & Education Pathways booklet, or the SLS NSW Lifesaving Awards page.

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